Samsung Hide Away Ducted Splits Air Conditioners

Samsung Ducted Splits offer a unique solution to having the indoor unit hidden in the ceiling linked to a separate outdoor compressor unit. It allows the cooling or heating of several areas in a building via separate grills in the ceilings or walls. The outside compressor unit can be mounted up to 30 or even 50 metres away in the case of larger units. Samsung Ducted Splits are available in sizes from 24 000 BTU up to 60 000 BTU, allowing for the heating or cooling of large areas or several separate rooms in a building.

Features Of The Samsung Ducted Split Unit:

  • Larger cooling/heating capacities than midwall splits.
  • Suitable for areas from 40m² up to 110m².
  • Energy-efficient (24 000 BTU unit uses only 2.4 kW per hour).
  • An ideal solution for shops or larger open plan offices.
  • The outside compressor can be mounted up to 30 or even 50 metres away.
  • A cost-effective solution for multiple areas to be cooled or heated.
  • Remote controlled – either infra-red or wired.
  • Ease of installation and layout.


Single Phase Heat Pump:

24000 BTU

Three Phase Heat Pump:

36000 BTU

48000 BTU

60000 BTU

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