Samsung Vivace Midwall Split Air Conditioners

Samsung leads the world again with its brilliant new top-of-the range Vivace air conditioner. Not only does it bring sophisticated elegance to any decor with its Shadow Mirror finish, it also boasts a host of advanced features including the unique Micro Plasma Ion technology. With Good Sleep Mode, Silver Nano health system and the world’s first Micro Plasma Ion technology that creates a ‘Zone of Health’ around you, Samsung Vivace is today’s top choice in room air conditioners. It is extremely silent in operation and suitable for room sizes from 15m² up to 45m². Samsung Vivace cools, heats, filters and deodorizes.

Hidden Display

Hidden behind the Vivace’s attractive Shadow Mirror finish is the LED display. As soon as you switch on the air conditioner, the display lights up, informing you of the set temperature, operating mode etc.

Stylish Dust-Free Front Panel

Once in operation, the front panel of the Vivace tilts forward to take warm air in whist cool air is expelled underneath. As a result of its smooth face, dust collection is minimised.

The Samsung Vivace  Remarkable Features:

Good Sleep Mode

Good Sleep Mode ensures a better night sleep through synchronising room temperature to your sleep pattern. When this mode is selected, your room is quickly cooled to ensure the right environment whilst falling asleep. Then, during the course of the night it gradually increases the temperature slightly so that you are not awakened by excessive coldness.

Good Sleep Mode Will Ensure:

That you have the optimum skin temperature for sleeping.

82% longer deep sleep hours.

Energy Savings

Samsung Vivace is energy efficient with savings up to 30% – thereby saving you money! (e.g. the 9000 BTU system uses less than 1 kW per hour)

Silver Nano Technology

This built-in health system will kill 99.9% of all germs passing through the air conditioner. Samsung Vivace now has Micro Plasma Ion technology that releases active hydrogen atoms plus oxygen ions which bond with airborne viruses, allergens and bacteria causing them to decompose harmlessly.

Zone of Health – Multi-Step Air Purifying System

Multi-Step Air Purifying System with Micro Plasma Ion technology is a Samsung world-first that creates a ‘Zone of Health’ in your home or office environment. Samsumg led the world with its Silver Nano Health System that is proven to kill 99.9% of all germs passing through the air conditioner. Samsung Vivace takes environmental health a giant step further with its Micro Plasma Ion technology.

Samsung’s Micro Plasma Ion device generates active hydrogen atoms together with oxygen ions into the air. These atoms then bond with airborne proteins such as viruses, bacteria, moulds and allergens causing them to decompose into water. The effect of this cutting-edge air conditioning technology is a living space that is transformed into a ‘Micro Plasma Ion Zone’ thereby protecting the occupants from airborne infectious diseases such as influenza viruses, Staphytococcus Aureus and many other bacteria and allergens.

As a result, when you install a Samsung Vivace air conditioner, it is not just enjoying summer cooling and winter warmth, but also be ensured that a ‘Zone of Health’ surrounds you and your family all year through the purest and healthiest air you’ll ever breathe indoors!

Air Purifying System

Silver Nano-coated filter

The Silver Nano-coating applied to the filter traps dust particles and also destroys up to 99,9% of all germs and bacteria passing through the filter.

Silver Nano-Coated Evaporator

Unique to Samsumg Vivace is that the fins of the evaporator are Silver Nano-coated to destroy germs and bacteria that pass over them.

Deodorising filter

The built-in activated carbon filter efficiently absorbs cigarette smoke, pet odours and other unpleasant smells.

Anti-Allergy Filter

Removes allergens from the airstream, helping to protect you from allergies.

Antibacterial Cross Fan

The cross fan is moulded with an antibacterial formula to suppress the proliferation of moulds and bacteria thereby  preventing the cause of unpleasant odours.

Micro Plasma Ion Zone

The Samsung ‘world first’ Micro Plasma Ion device in an air conditioner creates a ‘Zone of Health’ around you.


9000 BTU

12 000 BTU

18000 BTU

24000 BTU

(Available in heating & cooling mode)

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